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Allow Me To Reintroduce Myself

Updated: Feb 28

For anyone that's new or people who know me and want to see if they can find out something new about me I answered some questions below


Jamika Danielle

Are you named after someone?

Well Jamika is a ghetto female variation of my dads name and Danielle is after Danielle Steel the authour or just a "D" name because my mummy name starts with "D"

If you had to change your first name, what would you change it to?

OHHHH something like Rogue or Onyx



4. How tall are you?

5'10 some would argue taller but I don't listen to negativity



Favorite food


Tea or Coffee?

Tea, I've never drank coffee I don't really like the smell of it.

Favorite flavor of tea

Green tea

What’s The One Food You Could Never Bring Yourself To Eat?

Most foods, I have the palate of a toddler.

Favorite book

Right now it has to "The Hating Game" by Sally Thorne, has to be the funniest Chick Lit that I have ever read. Also, I don't read deep books, life's already stressful I'm not reading something to add to it, reading is my escape.

Favourite movie

Has to be "V for Vendetta"

Favorite TV shows

Live PD or The People's Court

Are you a morning or night person?

Definitely morning, no matter what time I go to sleep I'm going to wake up at the crack of dawn.

Would you say you’re more of an extrovert or an introvert?

I would have said introvert before but I saw a quote that said " I used to think I was introverted because I really liked being alone, but turns out that I just like being at peace, and I am very extroverted around people who bring me peace" and that sums me up completely, I don't shut up around people who I'm comfortable with but I'm an observer around new people or people who I'm not sue about.

What’s your favourite way to spend a weekend?

In my room hoping my soulmate has the balls to jump through my window and find me so we can live happily ever after, duh.

If you could live anywhere, where would it be?

Back in San Francisco, the only place that I've lived/visited that appeals to me as much as home.

What was the last show you binge-watched?

The Circle Netflix

When you were little what did you wanna be when you grew up?

Nothing, lol I never knew what I wanted to be, I never gave an answer I just always said I don't want any of the "normal" professions.

Who are your favorite Instagram accounts?








If you could do it all over again, would you pursue the same career? Why or why not?

Most definitely, I probably would make myself be more aggressive and secure in my abilities earlier so I wold promote myself and not have so much self doubt but I would always have ended up right here.


If you've made it to this part then I really f%* with you, ( JCole.. you get it?) thanks for following along! It's weird trying to share about yourself but also not giving away passwords and leaving yourself open for stalkers LOL.

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