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My Thoughts On Create & Cultivate Miami Vision Summit | December 2019

I'm back with a new blog post! *throws confetti* I figured I would get back into consistently (? maybe) sharing with everyone here and since I had something exciting to talk about there is no time like the present to get it going.

This past weekend I had one of the most inspiring moments of my career thus far that had me capping off this decade and my dirty thirty year on an absolute high! After coming close to going to a conference earlier in the year I was happy when I was scrolling by on Instagram to see that the Create and Cultivate brand had a Vision Summit in Miami which is right in my backyard (not really but my Bahamians get it) and I couldn't pass up the opportunity twice to experience all that I have seen being posted about their events, and I was happy I did because it was everything that I imagined it would be and more.

Create and Cultivate describes itself as "an online community and conference for women looking to create and cultivate their dreams." I described it as a farmer's market for small business' and business women coming together to network and learn from an amazing panel and like-minded community. With conferences all over the US the Vision Summit seems to be one of their smaller productions but lacks nothing in content and execution and it allowed me to get a feel for what the platform entails without feeling overwhelmed for my first solo conference trip.

The event took place at Brickell City Centre in downtown Miami on a multi level facility with the most amazing views that were interrupted only by the spectacular designs where, at every turn was a swoon worthy Instagram image ready to be captured. Pop-ups shops were placed on two levels of the event space and if you took a break from soaking in information from the different panel and speakers you could fill your time learning or getting reacquainted with all the different products which included a makeup and hair touch up station and even getting your portrait taken and receiving it in real time! The event lasted from 9:30 am to 6:00  pm and gave me a full day, and monies worth (wink wink) of content and experience that made me feel absolutely fulfilled and centered in where I was moving in my career.

I spent a lot my time at the event sitting and listening to speakers so in combing through my notes I shared what spoke to me the most from the panel of speakers:

- Community is super important

- Authenticity: Content you create online should be the closest representation of who you are in real life

- Do not be afraid of vulnerability

- Consumers are demanding transparency with influencers

- Challenge the status quo everyday

- Be honest

- Everyday do something better than you did the day before

- Listen to your audience

Also since it was such a long day and a first for me with any kind of event like this i'm going to list a few simple tings that I wish that I knew or thought of before attending the summit. If you are planning to go to a Create and Cultivate event (and you should) these tips should help your day run a little bit better.

Wear comfortable shoes

- The facility at Brickell City Centre was a multi floor area and so there was a lot of walking up and down stairs, (there were elevators but I wasn't taking it for one floor) as well as walking around looking at all there is to see and do so comfy foot wear is a must, or just know you have to thug it out through the pain of heels or uncomfortable shoes if it's a must for the outfit.

Bring a charger

- The event was scheduled from 9:30 am to 6:00 pm and there were so many things to see, do and capture and even though I had my DSLR I still spent a lot of time using my phone but having to ration in order to save the battery life. There wasn't any charging stations or outlets that I could see.

Bring a bag

- I hate bags/purses so I put everything I needed in my fanny pack across my chest and had my DSLR camera in my hand and thought I would be good, negative. At check in they give you a planner and a card with event times and info so and I continued collecting things from then on. You get bags from some of the pop ups but I spent the first half of the event trying to capture things while also trying to find somewhere to lay the the items in my hand, no bueno.

A pen

- Unless you plan to record on your phone the whole time (remember no charging station) you need a pen to write notes down. But to be honest, in the words of Erykah Badu "Write it down on real paper, with a pencil. And watch sh*t get real".

Get a lot of sleep

- It is really a full day, jammed back. In order to make the full marathon you have to rest up the day before to be able to focus and retain all that's going on.

If you were thinking of going to one of these conferences and or summits, I would definitely recommend it. No matter your social media/blogger or entrepreneur status the summit caters to you and what your needs are. I overall loved the experience and i'll definitely do it again, hopefully looking to go to a bigger conference next time!

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