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New Year, Same Energy

2019 was always going to be a big year for me, it was the year I hit the big 30 and I always wanted that year to be an epic one but I grossly underestimated the way this year would shake me in so many ways. A lot of high moments, memorable moments but above all, a lot of growth.

Some highlights of 2019 was making a bucket list trip to New York and walking enough to last me until 2021 but I have no regrets because I saw so many things that until then I've only seen in pictures. I also made a solo trip to the Create and Cultivate Vision Summit, which going solo to something like that was the most important fact out of everything this year because ME in that situation operating at peak anxiety and awkwardness but being okay about it.. *growth*. I also got to visit BahaMar for my birthday weekend and explore places in New Providence that I wouldn't have before because I don't do much traversing there *I'm in the ghetto ratatata*. Also had some scary moments, legit surgery that had me sidelined for a while but my bounce back game is on another level also God, capital "G".

Looking back on this decade feels like this bitch was trying to kill me, I've had the worst days of my life and some of the best but that is life and we learn and grow from them all. I'm looking forward to all the good and lessons that each new year and new day brings and welcome it all with open arms, also we finding life partners in 2020, I'M NOT PLAYING about that right there either. Send all applicants my way for the screening process.  

Looking forward to the new year I'm about to be the same Jamika I was in past years, building, growing, not letting the new year meet me where the last year left me, which has always been my mantra and continuing to grow with that mindset is always on the agenda.

So here's to keeping the travels going and exploring new places, to reading more books for leisure, here's to being more consistent in promoting myself, posting and sharing on social media. Most importantly here's to creating personal projects that keeps me focused and inspired and setting aside time to create images because they don't just fall off of trees. 

Also, let me throw in health and wellness, I'll type " loose weight " so it can judge me later if I try to slack off.

Thank God for allowing me to see the New Year and I pray for strength and guidance through each day for myself and all of you guys. 

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