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Five Tips To Getting The Best Content

Updated: Mar 17, 2019

With social media and in particular Instagram everyone has a platform to express themselves through media, for me being a photographer it makes creating images a little easier but it doesn't mean that it makes the whole process smooth, there are many factors that go into making sure that the most interesting and quality content is created so I decided to share five tips to creating your best content. 


In order to get the most out of a shoot you have to plan as must details as you can before hand. If you can't get to the location to scope it out look at geo tags and locations on social media or the companies account to get inspiration for shots and clothing choices. Plan out outfits and locations and even poses, always leave room for spontaneous moments but don't rely on them solely.


Good images are easy to find, not so easy to capture. If you want to get a shot, especially at tourist destination, that doesn't have people milling around in the background, then let the sun meet you on location ready to go.


Finding inspiration in successful brands is good but don't get stuck in a rut of copying what they do because it won't get you what they have. With so much information out there unique voices are the ones that stand out and make waves, find yours.


Beautiful images may happen by chance but they always happen if you plan to take them. So always set time to create in your weekly schedule, plan time during trips to gather content before enjoying your vacay, make a point to go to restaurants, bars, or any interesting spot to make your feed more interesting, make that decision to create content.


If you want the shot you'll have to be willing to stand out to get it, shooting in situations where you'll be the only one there with a camera and all eyes are on you wondering what it is that you are doing. If you are not one for the attention it can get daunting, it can make you second guess your self and it might make you rush the shoot. Don't get overwhelmed, stand your ground and always get the shot!.

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