posted on :    june 14, 2020


We live in an extremely visual world, and it's important more than ever for business owners to use images to market their business to consumers. In understanding the importance of having a consistently polished visual message I have delved in to explaining exactly what brand photography is and why it is so important for small business owners.


Brand photography is a collection of images that represent the essence of your business from your product, to your work space, your team and anything else that speaks to who you are and what you do. In a nut shell brand photography takes the elements like colour and style that was discovered through the branding process and reflect it into images that align with your brand message and tell a story on your behalf.

Brand images are crucial in setting your company apart and increasing engagement. Consistent quality images throughout your platforms helps to enhance your position as an expert in your field and connect with your customers while increasing your reach and enhancing your sales. Brand images allows you to stand out by showcasing what makes you and your company unique in a very saturated visual world.


Brand photography also communicates professionalism and gives recognizable and well- established message to your audience. We can’t communicate with everyone inquiring about our company at all times so establishing a consistent visual message that shows off your company’s unique personality and style can do a lot to attract your ideal client.


Brand photography is not just a cute portrait, although a headshot is a part of it, it is much more. It is a collection of images that create a narrative about your “why” and your “how”. It showcases your workspace, your team your products and your creative process. The images are unique to you and your company and are customized to each session’s needs, it could be lifestyle and headshots for one and flat lays and product for others.


Branding sessions also aren’t just a one-time thing, depending on the business, I would suggest planning a session for 2 times each year. Social media continuously requires updating, depending on your business you may launch products or need them for new blog posts. You can plan out a strategy for yourself and see how many sessions you would need per year to keep your visual message strong.


Brand photography is an integral part of your branding and visual marketing and If you still have some questions you can leave me a comment below.



Look forward to hearing from you all.